Switching from FIDO home phone to Fizz Wireless

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I have a FIDO home phone number. I want to switch it to a Fizz wireless plan with data while keeping the FIDO home phone number. Fizz webpage states that the number can be switch to Fizz only if the number is a mobile number. Do I have to first switch the FIDO home plan to a mobile plan before switching for Fizz? Thank you.

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    Hi @bfung

    this is a strange situation, since if you are using the FIDO with the ZTE box, to me is a mobile phone, you also have a SIM card on it

    If you can afford try to buy a Fizz's SIM you can try to make the switch, if it doesn't work you can sell the Fizz sim card or transform you Fido Home to a pure mobile a do a switch in a second time.

    Please remember to use a referral code in order to have 40$, and yes you can use mine our pick one from here https://forum.fizz.ca/en/discussion/2198337/this-is-the-place-for-your-referral-codes-here-and-only-here/

    You can also try to contact the support

    You can chat in direct

       •   Sign into your account

        •    Follow the link on this page: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/im-unable-log-my-fizz-account-what-do-i-do

       •   Wait 3 seconds for the green bubble with a '❔' appears at the bottom right of the browser, if you use a phone you must use it in desktop or horizontal mode

       •   Choose the option 💬 chat

       •   If the green bubble does not appear make sure your ad blocker is disabled, otherwise try with another browser.

    Other means of contact

    Whatsapp: (438) 393-5814

    By private message on Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/fizz_ca

    By private message on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fizzca/

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    Hello @bfung, this is an unusual situation, I would suggest you contact Fizz Customer Service, explain the situation and ask if Fizz can port the number. If you have a Fizz account, log in, go to My Settings, Contact Form and submit your query, if not then use the other contact us method on the website. Best of luck.

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