Chat is NOT working

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I click on the question mark pop-up and then click on the chat button but nothing happens. I have tried different browsers, but with the same result.


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    Hello Reza_k1212121212,

    I am sorry to hear you were not able to contact us on Chat. Please try a different device as well and access our FAQ , on the right down corner you will have a green bubble when you can contact us on chat. 

    Thank you for your understanding.
    Have a great day!

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    Try refreshing the web page (F5) or you can try clearing your browser cache and try again with private mode.

    You can also try this - If you switch to FRENCH first, then the chat works :)

    Click on the FR logo first on the bottom of the screen, near the help. Then click on the Chat logo "clavardage". I'm sure they probably speak both english and french anyways.

    To chat with Fizz customer service:

    1. Go to a FAQ page e.g.
    2. Look bottom right for the big ❔ question mark in a green bubble.
    3. Click it, options will be displayed
    4. Choose "💬 Chat"
    5. Note: the bubble will only display the chat for a computer version. If you are on a cell phone, you must check "Desktop site" in your browser settings.
    6. Submit your question with possibly a relevant screenshot or modem photo
    7. After that will be displayed the number of customers preceding you, to manage your expectations. Updated real time.


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    Chat have work for me!!

  • dov G.
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    A lot of times it’s not working

    whenever they decide to turn off the chat they do so…

    even if the chat is working from time to time they do not help at all

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