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Amy G.
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Because my automatic payment failed (typo in address on new card) I had to correct the error and manually make payments. Did this and I was charged twice, Fizz refunded both charges, not just one, and now I get an error message when I try to go to the screen to make manual payments. I have an open ticket but my plan needs to be paid by the end of the day or it will be suspended and I will lose service. I have asked for a temporary credit, or to put a hold on the suspension, but the people I have chatted with says none of this is possible and nothing can be done until the tech support team fixes the error and I can go in and pay. There is no guarantee they will do this before midnight.

I cannot take risk losing access to my telephone for security reasons, so I think I am going to have to switch service providers today in order not to lose connectivity and my own phone number.

Does anyone see any options available to met that I have not considered?

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    Hi Amy G.

    You must do what you have to do. Fizz payment system can be picky, it's important to enter your address correctly.

    If you have to leave Fizz for now, hope that you will be back one day.


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    Hello Amy,

    Thank you for posting on our community.

    I've just verified your account and I see that your ticket is still opened and the verifications are still in progress. However, I see that your mobile plan appears as being active now. If the service will stop working, please reach us in private to see what we can do for you:

    We'll do our best to help you to resolve this.

    Have a good one,

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