IoT sim card for sensor logging

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Hello, I am looking for a small data plan to connect an already automated farm. Does Fizz have solutions to offer?

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    Hello @alexteas,

    Thank you for being so interested in our services. 

    Fizz offers various mobile plans, however, you have the possibility to customize your plan, depending on your needs. Here is a useful link:[0]=18&CVRG=108&DATA=101&PLAN=3&SMS=223&VOICE=90

    Thanks and have a great day!
    - Cecilia


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    You can have a 1 GB data plan with Quebec coverage starting at -

    Also with Fizz rewards, you will have 250 MB additional data every month for free.

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    to add more information to the previous commentif, if you activate your first mobile plan between now and March 31, 2022, inclusively, using a referral code, you’ll earn a $40 referral bonus. Also, any account with at least one mobile plan that is active as of March 31, 2022, will receive 5 GB of data in My Rewards perks during the month of April.

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    Hello @alexteas, how much mobile data will you need and does it need to be fast (3G/4G/LTE speeds)? Fizz is competitive with mobile data plans at 6 - 12GB/mo. Below or above this mobile data range, other carriers are far more price competitive. If it doesn't need to be fast data, Lucky Mobile offers an inexpensive unlimited data only plan at up to 128 kps, which is extremely slow for mobile web surfing, but may be perfectly acceptable for equipment automation like your needs.

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    Hello @alexteas, if you are not familiar with mobile data speeds, I suggest you consult the manual for your equipment or contact the vendor/manufacturer. I don't think sensor data logging requires a lot of data or high speed, like LTE.

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