Systems optimisation this Thursday (completed)

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Hi everyone, 

With our systems' optimization planned for this Thursday, March 17, certain features of your Fizz account will not be available during the 24 hours leading to the 17th. 

Plan ahead and have a quick peek into your account today to make sure you're set for the week.   

See you on the other side, 

The Fizz team. 


  • Fizzy
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    It's always better to plan ahead. Thanks for this notice!

  • Emporium
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    It is always nice to see a heads up for some planned outages.

    If I can make 1 recommendation, is to add a small section at the top or the bottom of the system status page, to keep notices like this, at a quick glance for anyone wondering why things may not be accessible on Thursday :)

    The system status page (if it is to serve any purpose), it should include the current network status, any outages, and any planned work which may cause disturbances.


  • Hello @Whizz, this and all interruption notifications should go to customers by email and/or text. This forum is not required reading and not all customers visit it.

  • Whizz
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    Hi @Emporium thank you for the great suggestions! We went ahead and updated our “Status” pages.



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