How Lucky do you have to be to get the chat box icon on your screen ?

Nicolas B. 80535
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How Lucky do you have to be to get the chat box icon on your screen ?🤔...

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  • Whizz
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    Hello Nicolas B. 80535,
    I have verified your account and I see that you managed to contact us on 8th March.
    You can use the steps Dapfizzer provided to you to contact us.
    Or you can go to this FAQ:
    Wait for a few seconds and a chat bubble should appear.
    Make sure that you don't have an ad blocker enabled on your device.
    Also, try from a computer or mobile phone too.
    I am sure you will be able to reach us.
    You just need to click on the "?" bubble and choose the way of communication that suits you best.
    More details on this FAQ:
    I will leave the post open for you in order to inform the other users how you managed to reach us. :)
    Thank you for your kind understanding!
    Have a good one!


  • Nicolas B. 80535
    Nicolas B. 80535 Posts: 2 ✭✭

    ...Buy a lottery ticket ? ...Maybe ! .....

  • Dapfizzer
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    @Nicolas B. 80535

    Hi Nicolas,

    here's how to contact Fizz’s support team directly to inquire about that issue, they will be able to do some further investigation to correct this situation. You can do it by opening the following link: and simply scroll down until you see the green bubble, than click on it to start your chat session with the customer service.

    If the chat bubble still does not appear at the bottom of the page, on the right, after a few seconds, the number of pending sessions is higher than the service’s processing capacity. At that time, you can leave a message on the other proposed communication channels:

    -By private message on Facebook/Messenger:

    -By private message on Twitter:

    -Whatsapp: (438) 393-5814

  • Clive_ref_code_73TF9
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    Hello @Nicolas B. 80535, another method of contacting Fizz Customer Support is to log in to your account, go to My Settings, Contact Form and submit your complaint/request. This opens a Support Ticket and the exchange occurs over the email address registered on your account. It has been more reliable than the online Chat.

  • Doomdrou
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    I would suggest that you change your web browser, as the chat box always appears in my case.

    Try it. It should work. If it does not, refresh the page.

  • Rydock
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    What is tout problem? Maybe we can help you!!

  • Emporium
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    In the past, I was only able to get it using a Firefox private window, and switching to French.

    However after someone else posted not long ago, I tried accessing the "?" at the bottom of this page: And it seems to work regardless of what browser I am using. I know it seems strange, but I guess something is different with the scripts running on that page, and it works regardless if I am using firefox, chrome or even Edge.

    Give it a shot.

  • Clara P. #26087
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    If you have any kind of ad blocker enabled, check that it doesn't block ads on The question mark thing is like a pop-up, so sometimes it can get flagged. Otherwise, try switching your browser or checking any fizz FAQ on mobile. It should work one way or another, no need to be lucky lol.

  • edivad
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    It hasn't been easy for me to get the chat bubble. Seems like I do a different combinations of paths and sometimes that works. Other times I have been at a loss same as you. Some good suggestions here though :)

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