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My name is Daniel. For few months I've been using for my home connexion. Because I have a smart phone, I decided few days ago to switch my phone service (I was with koodo) with fizz.

Two problems occured

a) I can't connect to the internet with my phone. I need to check my emails and connect to GPS.

I've tried and tried and tried to find where the heck are the settings on my Apple iphone 6 and could not get the connexion . Grrr. I'm giving up. I tried to find a tchat service with fizz to get direct to customer service. Grrr two times GRRR. I can't get no satisfaction, my switch to fizz makes me decide to give up on all this non sense and go to telus where I used to be their client and I did not have any problems of that sort.

b) I paid two times single prices to get the two for one discount and it doesn't work properly.

Grrr 3 times Grrr - GrrRR - GrWWW I give up.

Here are the two invoices I paid 'automatically'

Mobile (514) 883-1922 at $42.00/ month


Home Internet at $38.00/ month

The special price of 69$ or something like this did not kik in.

Bizarre, frustrating, fed up.

Can you help me please before I go to telus tomorrow ?

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    Hello, dan1am,

    Thank you for the details, I am sorry to hear about the situation you encountered. 

    I invite you to follow the next troubleshooting steps to try to solve the issues with the mobile data connexion. First please restart the phone and then do a test.

    Also, please make sure that the phone is automatically connected to the Fizz network and make sure that the phone is updated to the last software update.

    I also invite you to consult our FAQ:

    In case none of our troubleshooting steps does not function, we invite you to contact us in private, on the desired contact channel:

    Thanks and have a great day!
    - Cecilia


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    Don't give up on life, there is always a solution 😲

    1) For the first, did you configure correctly the APN setting of your IPhone ?

    See number 4 on that link :

    2) For the accounting problem you have to talk to Fizz support :

    Then select the green ? at the bottom right, then Chat or Messenger ...

    Good luck !

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    Hello @dan1am , if you are new to mobile computing with a smartphone, I suggest you hop on your computer, go to one of several popular video hosting websites and search how-to videos on how to enable and use mobile data on your smartphone, browsers, set up email, etc. Or ask a friend/family member. Note that smartphone data security and privacy can be weaker than online use with a computer, it would be a good move to install a good anti-virus/anti-malware app on your older smartphone.

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