Has anyone unlocked the sundae and traveller badges?

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i bought Internatonal call data, & even made a call (used 1 min out of 60 minutes) & it did not unlock the sundae badge (buy an add-on). Does anyone know how to unlock it? Thank you

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  • Luke_Skywalker
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    Badge are not really important for your level progression .. Forum implication and time is more what mathers.

    But normally it should unlock within some minutes. And it's saying « Buy an add-on », not use or depleate.

    Sundae and Traveller are not the most popular i guess, because people are more leveling up their plan instead of using add-on.

    Good luck !

  • Whizz
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    Hello Ma9876,

     Do not worry, we are here to help you at any time. ✌

    After checking your account, I noticed that the Sundae badge is not yet unlocked. As the badge must be unlocked instantly, I invite you to contact us privately so that we can report the situation to our dedicated team.

    Don't worry, we'll stay available at any time. To learn more about this subject, don't forget that our website is also at your disposal : https://fizz.ca/en/faq/whats-my-rewards-program 😎

    Have a good day,
    Alexandra ⚡


  • Luke_Skywalker
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    It should have worked.

    Maybe you can wait some time and if it's not showing you should talk to Fizz support :


    Then select the green ? at the bottom right, then Chat ...

    Good luck !

  • Rydock
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    Come back us with updaté!

  • Ma9876
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    *update: still not unlocked. Either its a bug or if you data add-on only it will unlock? Anyone had that issue to unlock the badge?

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