Roaming in Saint-Martin

Hello, I am travelling in Saint-Martin and I checked Fizz travel add-ons on the page "Travel - International Roaming Options - Fizz" (

According to that page, for Saint-Martin, only Pay as You Go is supported ($8/MB).

But when I arrived I got these text messages:

✈ Welcome to GUADELOUPE! If you have money in your Wallet, your roaming rates are 0.15/MB and 0.10/text. To roam for less, buy a Travel Add-On. Happy travels! Choose your travel option.

And on a different day a different one:


Since Fizz web page says Travel add-on does not work in Saint-Martin, I spent extra money on Pay as you go and a local SIM card that didn't work.

But later I tried to Buy travel add-on for Zone Latin America and this worked. The roaming works well on the local Chippie (Flow / UTS) network.

So could Fizz please update the Travel add-on information because Zone Latin America includes Saint-Martin?


  • Rydock
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    Will be Nice if they do it!!

    Good vacation and take care!!👍

  • Now on the French side, roaming on F-Orange without problems. Again this is incorrectly indicated on the Fizz website.

  • Luke_Skywalker
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    The last time i went to St-Martin, i took on site a one-day trip to Saba Island. Since it's an other country, you have to bring your passport.

    You have three choice for the travel (i did the first) :

    1) The Edge Ferry with an high speed catamaran (24 knots) for the 90 min. trip in the ocean, starting from Simpson Bay

    2) A plane with a specially trained pilot (the world’s shortest airport runway landing (1300 ft) for commercial flights).

    3) The Dawn II Ferry , starting from Philipsburg

    I highly recommend it ! It's not everyday that we can do a thrilling trip in/over the ocean to a volcanic island !

  • Rydock
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    Nice trip!!! Bad that some one flag your message. 😔