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Hi. I received this text message today from Fizz, followed by a notification on my phone to install an update for my settings. I have been with Fizz for several months and had no issues. Why suddenly do I need to update my settings? Is this legit?

Here is the text:

Bienvenue chez Fizz!

Une configuration des paramètres réseau peut s’avérer nécessaire. Vous recevrez deux notifications sur votre téléphone: assurez-vous de les installer. Si un code NIP (PIN) est requis, entrez le 1234. Si vous les manquez, cliquez ici: 

Welcome to Fizz!

The network parameters may need to be configured. You’ll receive two notifications on your phone: make sure to install them. If a PIN is required, enter 1234. If you miss them, click here:

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    Hello Cornelius,
    Thank you for posting on our forum your concerns,
    I can assure you that the SMS you received is from Fizz. This is an automatic message sent by the system at times to reconfigure your APN settings.
    I see that you updated your IMEI recently, on March 3rd and I think that is the reason the system sent the message.
    The link is safe and you can use it if you need to.
    If you don't need to update anything, then you can just ignore it.
    It will redirect you to this FAQ:

    Thank you for your understanding!
    Have a lovely day!


  • EricPD
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    That doesn’t look like a legit link at all, unless fizz has some special agreement with them.

    do you have an iPhone or an android phone? iPhone get the apn setting with the carrier settings profile automatically.

  • Cornelius
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    Thanks for your reply. It is Android. I received an OMA Client Provisioning notification after the text message. This is a method used by carriers to update phone settings. I am suspicious because everything has been working fine for months. Why would I need to update settings? I would appreciate if someone from Fizz could weigh in on this.

  • Hello @Cornelius, to the best of my knowledge, mobile carriers would send out that text for only two situations:

    • when a new customer signs up and needs to set up his/her mobile device, i.e. APN settings
    • when an existing customer changes devices

    It looks suspicious but it may have been an error within the Fizz system. I would delete the message, check and update my network settings as well as phone os and apps and if you have an anti-virus app on your device, run it as a precaution.

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