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Hello, I have a problem with the activation of my plan. I received a message with the number of IMEI incorrect. I want to know a solution because previously I didn´t have any problems with the previous telephone company?

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    Hi Rodney,

    you may have mistyped one of these numbers. Verify your account number or IMEI and try again.

    • To find your account number: Your current provider’s account number will be on your most recent bill.
    • To find your IMEI: Dial *#06# on your phone’s keyboard. An IMEI number is your phone’s ‘identity card’. Your current provider uses it to associate your phone with your account. It also allows you to identify yourself and validate your phone number when you request a number transfer. Your current provider will only recognize the IMEI for the most recent phone you used with them.

    *Only the IMEI from the phone you used with your previous provider can allow the transfer of your number.

    *If the IMEI number is more than 15 digits long, only use the first 15.


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