Re: calling issues in the US

Hello to everyone roaming in the US and experiencing issues with their service, whether incoming or outgoing calls, texting and/or data. Below are some suggestions:

  • the US carriers are all in the process of discontinuing 3G service, if you have an old phone that uses 3G or older cellular networks, it won't work at all
  • if you have a phone with 4G/LET/5G technology and having issues, check your network settings to ensure it is set to use 4G/LTE/5G networks
  • T-Mobile seems to be the common carrier with complaints, go to your network settings and manually select a different network, disable the automatic network selection
  • after doing these steps your phone should connect with full service though a phone reboot may be required
  • I encourage the @Whizz to add a post to the forum with any other helpful tips or clarifications


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    In french

    Bonjour à tous ceux qui sont en itinérance aux États-Unis et qui rencontrent des problèmes avec leur service, qu'il s'agisse d'appels entrants ou sortants, de SMS et/ou de données. Voici quelques suggestions :

    • les opérateurs américains sont tous en train d'interrompre le service 3G, si vous avez un ancien téléphone qui utilise des réseaux cellulaires 3G ou plus anciens, cela ne fonctionnera pas du tout
    • si vous avez un téléphone avec la technologie 4G/LET/5G et que vous rencontrez des problèmes, vérifiez vos paramètres réseau pour vous assurer qu'il est configuré pour utiliser les réseaux 4G/LTE/5G
    • T-Mobile semble être le transporteur public avec des plaintes, accédez à vos paramètres réseau et sélectionnez manuellement un réseau différent, désactivez la sélection automatique du réseau
    • après avoir suivi ces étapes, votre téléphone devrait se connecter avec un service complet, bien qu'un redémarrage du téléphone puisse être nécessaire
    • J'encourage le @Whizz à ajouter un message sur le forum avec tout autre conseil ou clarification utile

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    All the people that i've chat with were not using the 3G, they have almost new phone using the LTE network.

    It was working fine before Fev 28.

    All the people cannot connect manually to other available LTE network (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.).

    I've been able to connect 3 people to AT&T/3G, but it was not stable, and anyway AT&T were begining on Feb. 22 to shutdown their 3G.

    So it's a Fizz/Videotron roaming related problem ... possibly it's not even the fault of the US providers. The reason i say that is because other Quebec provider does'nt seem to have the USA roaming problem.

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    If you answer in a post in another language, so like you in french here, the Whizz will send you a warning message and he will remove your post.

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    Ok il devrait refaire un poste pour les francophones alors!!

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    The problem of roaming in the USA is gradually being solved.

    Since today, more and more USA users have a mobile on the automatic LTE network that works as before.

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    Hopefully this gets resolve soon. We are planning to travel to the states in the summer. This might be a deal breaker for us.

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    Thanks for sharing input. Seeing that nobody but the WHIZZ is a Fizz employee with access to accurate information, the rest of us are just sharing our opinion and tips in the interest of being helpful. Passive-aggressive comments and bold letters are not helpful to anyone.

    I am not your father.

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    Hi Clive,

    Whizz are not Fizz employee, they are Level 0 contractor for a service company in Romania.

    After hundred of messages, emails and conversations to troubleshoot the problem in the pass day with users, me and some friends have push the problem directly to the right people in charge at Videotron.

    While Whizz ask the users to clean the SIM card, other unpaid people are trying to help, understand and resolve things.

    Second time we have to do it, last time was at the beginning of the year were Videotron was blocking port preventing gamers to play their favorite game.

    Lastly, just to inform you, bold letter are by definition a way to quickly see the most important part of a text on the blink of a eye.

    Best regards

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    Merci pour votre aide ça fonctionne un peu ça bloque et ça repart

  • Whizz
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    Hello Clive,

    Thank you for the tips provided here,

    The situation was solved on March 4th and you can verify this matter on the status of our services:
    Indeed, the US carriers are gradually withdrawing the 3G modem connections.
    I encourage our users to connect to the 4G connection on T-Mobile.
    Restart the phone, switch to another network and roll back on the T-Mobile one to resynchronize the phone on the correct one, in case the phone was previously set on automatic. Turn off your Wi-Fi. 
    On some newer phones, you can choose the 5G connection, which is not available with us at this time, so, I recommend that you switch to the 3G/4G one.

    In certain locations, you can still connect to a 3G network, however we don't have a map at this time. This is a work in progress.

    Regarding this matter, I would advise our customers to make sure that the roaming option on the phone is enabled. 

    In case the issue is still encountered, I would advise to contact us in private in order to perform some troubleshooting steps to try and remedy the issue.
    Your cooperation is much appreciated by all of us. 

    Thank you for your understanding!
    Have a good one!

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    Why you dont have make a general post for USA problem??