Can’t make calls since 28feb

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Not sure what is going on

in USA florida

Tmobile cant make calls

2months i was with AT&T and worked well

what is the problem?

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    Hello @Nat0202

    Sorry i wrote first in the wrong language.

    Currently, there is a network problem for roaming in the United States. This problem is not related to the users, so playing with the phone config will not solve anything. Yesterday, i have chat with about 50 peoples that were having the problem all over the USA. Those people are using recent phone with the LTE network, so it's not related to 3G obsolescence.

    The problem affects ALL the Fizz users who have the roaming plan for the United States (Canada-USA).

    The problem is related to the infrastructure of Fizz/Videotron & the infrastructure of US providers who are currently making major changes to eliminate the 3G network in USA until the end of the year.

    See the post:

    I advise affected users to create a service ticket to Fizz to increase the pressure level for this to be resolved as quickly as possible.

    Good luck !

  • Whizz
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    Hello Nat0202,

    Thank you for reaching us.
    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    Indeed, we have been notified about this situation and we are currently investigatething.
    Here you can find some troubleshooting that worked for some of our customers:

    Try to manually switch networks between AT&T mobile and T mobile.
    Try to switch from 4G/ LTE to 3G.

    If the situation persists please contact our support team and provide more details and we will escalate a ticket to investigate this further:

    Have a lovely day,


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