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Everyother function (data, text, receiving calls) works but as soon as phone seems to connect to the dialed number it disconnects.

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    Hello Idstumped ,

    I am sorry for the situationencountered,

    We are aware of this issue and thesituation should be fixed now.
    This issue was solved on March 4th.

    You can verify this on our status ofservices here:

    In case you are still unable to placecalls or receive them, I kindly advise you to restart your phone andtest the service after that.
    Here is an useful FAQ:

    Make sure you have your roaming enabledon the phone.

    If you still experience this situation,please contact us in private in order to try a few manipulations.
    To contact us, you can use this link:

    What you can verify, in the mean time,is to be sure you are connected to the T-Mobile network on the phone(4G), most companies in the US will withdraw the 3G connection soon.

    I count on your understanding andpatience!

    Have a good day!




  • Shan
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    I am in Florida and my wife and I have the same problem. The connection is with T-Mobile.

  • Pianotime
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    I've been having the same problem in Illinois with T-Mobile! Follow.

  • Bertman

    Same here in North Myrtle Beach SC. We are with T-Mobile as well.

    is Fizz working on this?

  • Plang
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    Same problem in West Palm Beach Fl with T Mobile this morning

  • mathieud
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    Same problem here, T-Mobile in NYC, I have opened a ticket with the Fizz team but i'm glad to hear I'm not alone.

  • Idstumped
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    Seems to be a common problem with t-mobile. I am in Tampa and on t-mobile also. Started happening yesterday.

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    Bonjour @Idstumped @Shan @Pianotime @John B. #7005 @Plang @mathieud

    In the USA, mobile operators are shutting down their 3G networks, which rely on older technologies, to make room for more advanced network services, including 5G. As a result, many older cell phones will be unable to make or receive calls and texts, including 911 calls, or use data services.  This will affect 3G mobile phones and some older 4G mobile phones that do not support Voice over LTE (VoLTE or HD Voice).

    AT&T has announced that it will finish shutting down its 3G network around February 22, 2022.

    T-Mobile announced that it will complete the closure of Sprint's 3G CDMA network by March 31, 2022 and Sprint's 4G LTE network by June 30, 2022. It also announced that it would shut down T-Mobile's 3G UMTS network by July 1, 2022.

    Verizon has announced that it will finish shutting down its 3G network by December 31, 2022.

    If you have an old phone it may not be able to support 4G and LTE for voice communication.

    Otherwise, check in your cellular settings (related to your SIM card) that you have selected a 4G or ideally LTE network.

    You can also turn off the automatic network and select a particular network (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) to compare and see if you're able to call again. Fortunately there are several different networks accessible in the USA.

  • Idstumped
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    Does this explain why I can receive calls but not make them?

    I tried 6 other networks including sprint, att and Verizon all come back with " sim card does not allow connection to this network"

    My phone is a Samsung note 9. Can't find any VoLTE settings. Any other options?

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    Depuis hier, je ne suis plus capable de faire des appelles...Je peux texter et je peux recevoir des appelles...Je suis au Texas...J'ai essayé tout ce qui ma été proposer et rien ne fonctionne

  • Fizzdaddy
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    Me too. An iPhone and an android in Fla. Receive but can't make. Am told they're working on it. Mar. 1, 2022

  • mathieud
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    I managed to place a call by manually switching to AT&T within my phone. The problem is probably with T-Mobile.

    For reference I have an LTE capable iPhone 8 and it doesn't seem to want to choose anything else besides 3G.

    It's also a nightmare to switch providers to test them, I don't know if it's a location problem or a Fizz problem.

  • SkyHigh88
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    Certainly a problem with the provider. I didn't have these issues when I was which another phone provider. I had an order phone as we

  • Luke_Skywalker
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    If you can't change the network, i guess it's a roaming problem vs the Fizz/Videotron provider.

    The only other thing to try is to limitate the network speed, so changing max speed from LTE to 4G, or 3G (not a good solution on midterm because it will be shutdowned eventualy).

    Keep us posted of your tests !

  • Rydock
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    Plusieurs bon se problème!! 😳

  • Luke_Skywalker
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    Good, finally a successfull test !

    If it work with AT&T, it means that the problem is related to T-Mobile, not the Fizz/Videotron roaming.

    Anyway when you use a Fizz phone in USA (in roaming), any USA network will do the job.

    Can you post here a photo of the page where you configure manually the network to help others ?

    Are you limiting the speed or using the LTE max speed ?

  • Luke_Skywalker
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    Bonjour @Idstumped @Shan @Pianotime @John B. #7005 @Plang

    @mathieud has been able to place a call by switching manually the network to AT&T 😀

    So by selecting any accessible network manualy, other that T-Mobile, should work.

    It seem like a US wide T-Mobile problem.

    Keep us posted of your tests !

  • mathieud
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    Hey so don't get your hopes up, I managed to place ONE call with AT&T, ever since that one I try periodically and they don't go through either. I'm not so sure it's just a T-Mobile problem now.

    When I try to switch providers on the iPhone setting it took more than 10 reboot and playing with settings to get AT&T to be found by the phone. T-Mobile works instantly which is weird. I have other provider options that have the same problem.

    I wouldn't consider it a stable solution.

  • mathieud
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    @Luke Please be careful by saying it should work with AT&T to everyone, like I said I only managed to place ONE call.

    It's not normal that a bunch of people can't place calls at the same time. It's the beginning of the month maybe there is something there with Fizz.

  • Luke_Skywalker
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    Hi @mathieud

    I agree, it's really bad for all the people currently in USA.

    So if it is a roaming problem, you will all have to wait for a correction from Fizz/Videotron ...

    I did'nt found similar problem with USA roaming by looking at other Quebec provider.

  • amontrealer
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    Why is nobody from Fizz technical service answering this post?

    There are many customers in the USA at the moment who have paid for & are relying on having phone service!

  • Tuli
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    I have the same problem in NY, it's really frustrating 😕

  • valf07
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    I have the same problem in Las Vegas.

  • Etlav5
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    Same problem in NYC

  • Idstumped
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    No volte setting on my note 9. No wifi calling option.

    All other networks say my Sim card will not allow my phone to connect except att with which I believe I cannot connect to simply because there is no service in the area.

    Tried 2g, 3g, 4g,lte+ nothing fixes the inability for my phone to hold a connection. It seems to connect and then immediately drops the call.

    Other tries, reset the phone, removed sim, removed any 2nd party dialers, ran battery out, and of course rebotted many times. No change.

  • Rydock
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    Semble être un problème généraliser Fizz pourrait ouvrir une discussion GÉNÉRALE pour ce problème et donné quelques marche a suivre et tenir les gens au courant des avancements!!

  • Idstumped
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    Is there anyway to get in touch with s fizz technician, no one seems to be chiming in.

  • Gilberte_Page
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    J'essais de changer de reseau et aucun ne fonctionne. Je suis a boute...Trouver moi une solution svp

  • Idstumped
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    All is working now. Can call out. Didn't do anything on my end to fix.

  • Luke_Skywalker
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    Good news @Idstumped

    Is it working flawlessly like as usual with LTE and automaticaly roaming on a USA network ?

    Is the automatic network chosen is T-Mobile ?

  • Meme probleme pour nous depuis quelque jours. .. frustrant!

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