Thanks to data gifters

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Hello fellow subscribers, thanks to all who share with others their surplus. I call upon Fizz @Whizz to enable subscribers to share Data Perks the same as regular data.


  • Aether
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    Same. Makes no sense how some data is giftable and other types not.

    VVILLIAM Posts: 10


    Great idea. Data sharing comes handy when someone needs a boost. Any idea as to how that would work?

  • Fredddd
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     I would be happy if you gift me your extra data. Really I need it to inform my family❤️. Thank you in advance. My referral code is

    referral code is: MQNP5

  • brouleau21
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    I support this feature request.

  • Aether
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    Strongly agreed. It makes no sense how data sharing is limited to some types of data -- at the end of the day, data is just data, and is used in the same way, It's like "some data is more equal than others".

  • Doomdrou
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    I would really appreciate that. It feels weird to ask somebody you don’t know their email or phone number just to be generous…

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