Hone internet stop working, modem download button is blinking

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My internet at home suddenly off I check the modem and the download button is blinking forever, I disconnected and reconnected again the power to my modem after 10 minutes, but same thing happened.

Pls help as I suppose to work from home today....urgence and need answer immediately

Really appreciate the help asap

reach me at xxxxxxxxxxx

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    Hello marylinedorothy80,

    I'm really sorry for this situation with the internet service. 

    I've verified your home internet connection on my end and I see that currently there is is a technical issue present in your neighborhood. As this cannot be corrected from our end, a team of technicians has been dispatched to verify the signals and the cables outside. They'll try to fix it in the shortest time possible. 

    I would advise you to keep an eye of your modem from time to time and to monitor the behavior of the led lights. If you see any change ,restart the modem and test again your connection. The  FAQs provided by Dapfizzer  could also give you a hand after the technicians will manage to fix the issue. 

    I really hope that it will be resolved in no time.

    Have a good one,

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