Besides switching, any other options available?

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The Tech Department has been working (supposedly) for about 2 days to re-activate my home internet. Fizz took the money, but no service is being provided. A ticket has been opened by Customer Service more than 48hrs ago.... there is nothing more they can do.

Other than simply dropping Fizz altogether, anything else I can do?

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    Hello @sorin V.,

    I am really sorry for the situation encountered,

    I have verified your account and I see that the technical team has solved the situation and the services are working now.

    Please, accept our sincere apologies for this matter.

    The issue was a bit more complicated than expected and they needed more time to solve the issue and make sure that it will not be encountered again.

    We issued a refund for the days without service as well as you could not use them for a few days.

    Thank you for your kind understanding and patience!

    Have a good day!



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    1) You should, if not already done, make sure that all your equipment is properly connected. Sometimes, small mistakes happens: Unplugged (AC) modem, Internet entry wire plugged in an exit port, etc. Small and somewhat easy to do mistakes can (and are often done) even by the experts (I am a computer science guy, that worked in costumer services, and I made those things from time to time.)

    2) For certainty, ask somene else to check your connections, I often do not see my mistakes because I am sooo sure that I am 100% correct. A fresh pair of eyes often helps.

    3) If all is good and dandy, then you can, and should, contact costumer service to complain about the delay:

    You can also do it on Facebook:

    -By private message on Twitter :

    -Whatsapp : (438) 393-5814

    4) All that being said, from what I have seen, Fizz has one of the best costumer support I have seen, don't get me started with Bell, Rogers and some of the other big (and small) companies. So, in the end, changing may see you worst.

    Good luck!

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