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I don't usually take time to write this, but I am deeply disappointed with fizz. I was told that this was an easy way to get a mobile plan and it has been everything but easy. It is completely impossible to order a SIM card and when asking for help, Fizz wants you to send your credit card information and identity card which is absurd... How is it possible that I have tried with 3 cards and nothing works? It is really getting on my nerves and I really want to give it another try but I am really close to changing to another company. Once again, I am really disappointed.


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    In addition to online ordering for a SIM card, you can pick one up directly from a participating Couche Tard. You can see a map of the shops here -

    Once you have your SIM card, you will need an accepted payment card to activate your plan.

    To pay for your Fizz plans, you can use:

    • Visa or Mastercard credit card
    • A prepaid Visa or Mastercard
    • Debit Mastercard or Visa Debit card

    Only one-off payments are accepted with Vanilla prepaid cards


    You CANNOT use: 

    • American Express (Amex), Dinners and others credit cards 
    • A debit card 
    • A foreign credit/debit card

    The address you are entering must match exactly that of the payment card -

    If you are having trouble with some of your cards, my understanding is that the Koho prepaid card is also accepted and it's free to use.

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    Hello evavk,

    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    From what I understand you encountered a payment declined to issue.  
    In order to assist you in this situation, it is necessary to provide some documents so that we can investigate this further. 
    I can assure you that we only ask for them on our live chat which is a 100% secured session. 
    If you wish to continue, please reach us back on live chat at any time to continue the investigation. 

    Have a good one,


  • Hello @evavk, that sounds frustrating. Fizz has a short list of acceptable payment methods and are strict on this. As for proving your identity, I suggest they are just trying to protect the privacy and identity of the account, online services like Fizz likely see a high number of hack attacks on a regular basis.

    As @PF_Ref_D2U9A pointed out you can buy a Fizz SIM at a Couche-Tard store if there is one in your area.

    There are lots of competitive choices for mobile providers out there. Except for Freedom Mobile, Fizz is competitive for mid-range data plans (6-10GB). For 1-4GB/mo and above 15GB/mo data plans, Fizz is not competitive.

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