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I bought my phone from fizz back in 2020. Ever since than I have been trying to get my refund considering that I already returned the phone with tracking ID. I have been in constant communication with FIZZ facebook and the support tickets never get updated. They say, they would inform the specialized team but they never get back to me. They keep telling me to patiently wait until a specialized team looks at my ticket. I have been waiting for so long and this a very disrespectful and a slap to my face. It is 2022, come on man


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    if your issue hasn’t been addressed, or if you’re not satisfied with the result, we apologize and request that you file an official complaint:

    • Fill out the online form, clearly describing the issue and why the solution we’ve proposed does not meet your needs.
    • In order for your complaint to be considered, you must have initially transacted with our Customer Service team.
    • If that is the case, a specialized member of our staff will contact you within 48 business hours of receiving your form.


    It is quite rare that this process leaves your issue unresolved. If you made sure to try to resolve your situation with us beforehand, and that your issue nonetheless remains unresolved at this point, or if you’re not satisfied with the result, the CCTS may be able to help you.


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    If you purchased the phone with a credit card, I world suggest you contact your credit card company and ask them if it could qualify for a chargeback as this is not an acceptable delay.

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    Hello AlmightyPain,

    Thank you for reaching us.
    I am sorry to hear that you still haven't received the refund.
    I just verified and I can see the ticket is still under investigation.
    I can assure you we are handling this with top priority and as soon as this will be fixed the refund will also be made automatically. 
    I just updated the ticket and asked our team to speed up the process.
    We will contact you right away via email once we have any updates. 

    Have a good one,

  • You know how many times I heard the same bullsh*t. I did everything, filling up forms, contacting employees through linkedin, facebook, twitter. Everybody saying the same old sh*t again and again. A specialized member will not contact me that is for sure. I have been patiently waiting and have not involved my credit card company, I do not even know if my credit card company can even reverse the charge since it have been a long fu*king time. I thought this sh*t would be resolved soon. I was wrong. I will try to get them involved at this point because you guys are pathetic. You guys keep opening and closing tickets without even resolving an issue. I just want my damn REFUND. This is a year 2020 issue and we are already in 2022. Is this how you treat customers with the same automated message. Alex you are fake and a fu*king liar, you are not sorry. I am frustrated and fed up at this point.

  • I did my job with returning the phone with tracking ID. Now do your job and give me my damn refund. I am not rich, I need my money back.

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