Software bug in purchasing add-ons

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A software bug happens whenever I try to purchase any kind of add-ons like minutes, messages, or international calls. The impact of that bug is that whatever add-on I purchase is not actually purchased and not added to my account. And then users have to contact support trying to figure out what happened.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the add-ons page
  2. Add the $3 messages add-on (the one that adds 200 messages)
  3. Click the first confirm button
  4. On the next page, notice the submit area still has $3 dollars total, not including any taxes

If I press submit and complete the purchase, the amount will be deducted from my card, but the add-on won't be added to my account.

The issue is that the total is not including taxes, hence I presume making the add-on transaction not valid.

The only way to bypass this behaviour is to reload the page and start all over again, for some reason the issue happens the first time, but not on any subsequent retries.

This issue is consistent across all add-ons, I tried with messages and international calls, and the save buggy behaviour occurs.

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    Hello @hossammourad, I suggest you try adding money to your Fizz Wallet before trying to purchase an add-on. If you are doing everything correctly (browser private/incognito mode, valid CDN credit card, etc.) then you can contact a Fizz team member by adding @Whizz to your post here in the Forums or log in, My Settings, Contact Form and submit a complaint with details and a screen shot of any errors.


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