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Hi, I used to play for 2 address in the past (work apartment and home) and I don't need the second one anymore.

Is there a way to permanently remove it from my account? I will never reactivate it.

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    Hello @SmartyPants,

    Thank you for your question,

    You will not be able to delete an address that you entered on your account.

    In case you need to add an address to the account, use the option "I can't find my address" so you don't misclick on that address, in case you want to order something or place a moving order.

    Also, if you need to change the address or add one to the account, you can do that by clicking on manage plan (works only for mobile plans) then click on change home address.

    The reply, @Dapfizzer gave is pretty good for this matter.

    Thank you for your understanding!

    Have a good day!



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