The line keeps dropping every two days

David S. 8156
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The inet connection drops every two days it is horrible over what's app and facebook they are just not answering any more. I reached out to customer service and said I should use the internet less. (what) I have to hard reset the inet We are in a pandemic and we work from home. Can you train your agents to not say to us to use the internet less and can you replace my modem please as I do not want to hard reset modem every two days to resolve your hard ware issues.

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    Hello David S. 8156,

    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    I can see that you contacted our support team and some troubleshooting was provided.
    If you tried that and the issue persists please continue the conversation with our support team.
    Here you can also find some troubleshooting you can try:

    Have a lovely day,


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    I can only talk from personal experience. The Fizz provided modem (CODA) is notoriously unreliable. I, like many other users, purchased their own modem and only use the Fizz modem in bridge mode. Since I did that, it works mostly perfectly with even higher speeds than advertised.

  • David S. 8156
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    Alex it happened again today I have troublshooted the wireless steps. Your internet keeps dropping connection. One of your solutions agents told me the best way to stop losing the internet connection is to use the internet less.(not so sure about that is good advice for an telecommunications company). Please replace my modem I am technically inclined I know how these things work. It is either a profile issue, an issue of distance or change of environment to CO, or modem issue. The tech that installed said line was fine. (Yes I sprung for a tech). You guys are saying the profile is fine and I have exhausted the trouble shooting on your site and am hard reseting every two days. Send me a new modem please and please issue credits for horrible service interuptions for the month of December of which we are close to 10 so far and really poor customer service for not trying to find a resolution and continuously sending trouble shooting links which I do (and nothing happens) and then politiely telling to have a nice day.

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