Activation problem that took more than a month and nothing.

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Hi. It's been more than a month that I have this "Activation pending" problem and it really piss me off because when I ask the service on how is it going with my problem, they like always says "oh we don't have any response for now. I'll alert the team about that. When we found a solution we'll send you an email" and I wait for a week, then a month. Still nothing. I would REALLY love a solution to this. Thank you.

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    Hello Moumoupog,

    I am really sorry to hear about this situation.

    I can see that you recently contacted our support and this situation was escalated further.

    I can assure you we are handling this with top priority and a solution will be provided as soon as possible.

    We will contact you right away via e-mail once we have any updates.

    Have a lovely day,



  • Jessy_
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    Hi @Moumoupog

    I am in the same situation, open an account at the beginning of dec, still in pending activation

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    I have the same problem. Couldn't change my address on the website because it kept giving me a "there was a problem, try again later" banner. Talked many times with costumer service reps, and they'd all say I was doing something wrong when it was a bug on the website. That ended up getting fixed, but my problem still persisted when the new card just wouldn't appear on the website after saving it, so I couldn't associate it with my plan. They say the bank is the problem, the bank says it's them. Let's say that with all it took to start getting the problem fixed, I trust the bank more when they say the issue isn't on their part. A real shitshow.

    So, it's been a month. Meanwhile, I have no phone line. Can't transfer my number to a new company because I won't be able to receive Fizz's text to approve the transfer. Go with another company if you can.

  • Moumoupog
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    Seriously? Damn..

  • Moumoupog
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    I kind of want to stay in this company.. But I really want them to fix it.

  • Moumoupog
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    The thing is that because of this problem, I can't cancel my plan. It won't allow me..

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