experience for ordering a phone ?

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hello !

ordered a phone very recently. spent hours on chat to go thru the process. it failed!

chat rep had to escalate my ticket to the technical team. finally fixed. so it took me 48h to make a successful order.

afterward, i ordered the phone and it took less than 48 h to receive it !

i thought fizz speed up the delivery process to counterbalance the bumpy order..so i didnt complain!


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  • Jessy_ref_i88b6
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    Hi @kingTheod

    I am happy for your, for me the experience with the ticket is not pleasant:( I have a ticket opened at the beginning of the month, still waiting :'(

  • Emporium
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    Glad it worked out for you. Hopefully this is a sign for 2022 :)

    Cheers, and be safe.

  • Whizz
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    Hello kingTheod,

     Thank you for your feedback and for sharing this experience. 

    We're glad that it was resolved in the end and that you've received your device. We're constantly trying to improve our services, to be able to offer a great customer experience.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding on this one.

    Happy New Year!



  • kingTheod
    kingTheod EarthPosts: 84

    in my case, the process failed because of bugs, chat rep admitted...

    the overall order management is not mature yet and some users may experience clumpy process and unexpected failure. I think fizz is aware about those issues, as they may arise but moves forward anyway.

    a business-driven decision: it's technically nearly impossible for companies to deliver a fully well-designed web experience available at 100%. As long as they dont reach their MTO (Maximum tolerable outage) and the RTO (recovery time objective) remains acceptable..fizz doesnt feel any threat to his operations. it is frustrating but i hope your case will be fixed asap !


  • Jessy_ref_i88b6
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    @kingTheod for me was a plan configuration without the portability, therefore, something tested :D

    Happy new year

  • Han_Solo
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    I always buy unlocked phone of my choice on the Internet.

    If the phone is not in the Fizz supported phone list, i don't care.

    I insert the Fizz SIM and it work on first try, no problem 😎

  • I usually buy phones on their official online store without chatting with the agent.

  • Deh
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    I bought a phone too and it didn't take too lomg either

  • Doomdrou
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    I bought my phone through the website and I got it really fast. I truly appreciated the whole process...

  • kingTheod
    kingTheod EarthPosts: 84

    i tried to replied and got site crashed !

    happy New year to all and may fizz fix bugs asap 😊

    Cheeers !!

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