my wifi box isnt working, how can i make it connect to the internet?

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i changed my address and also did in my fizz account, the first time i had to take a rendez-vous with a technician but now it just told me to wait until 7 am for the update in the server. its been way pass 7am and my wifi box still cant connect to the internet.what can i do ?

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    Hello aram,

    I am sorry to hear about this situation.  
    I can see that you had a move that was not complete and due to this the service was deactivated. 
    Instead of reactivating it at the previous location and starting a new moving order, you reactivated the service at your new location. Due to this your service will not work.
    Please cancel your service and reactivate it after at your previous location. 
    Once the service is reactivated there, please set an appointment for a move order so that our technician can arrive and validate it. 
    Here you can find more information about the move:
    You can also reach our support team if you need further assistance. 

    Have a lovely day,


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