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Hi, I completed my order to buy a new phone with paybright but I received an email saying I have a loan with them and an email from fizz indicating I haven't completed my order yet. So I have to pay for the phone but the phone was not ordered. On the website i can't complete the order I have to start again the process but the loan has already been granted. Tried help on fizz chat, no one answer

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    Hi Minsoo,
    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Ican see on my end that a ticket was created for the situation youencountered and it is still undergoing investigation.
    Thedelay of resolution depends on the number of checks that need to bedone by our specialized team and on the number of tickets ahead ofyours.

    Rest assured, youwill be notified by us via email once a solution has been found bythem.
    You can check on the ticket's progress from your Fizzaccount under My settings->My tickets.

    Thankyou very much for your understanding, patience and collaboration.

    Havea good one!



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    Hi @Minsoo

    Here, we are all just users like you, and obviously no access to your account :)

    Other means of contacting Fizz

    CHAT however is the quickest method, but facebook is the easiest.

    Obviously with Facebook, don't provide any personal info, untill they get back to you with a DM.

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