modem shipped, fizz not able to locate

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I had to cancel my home internet plan since an out of province move where fizz does not operate. I have been receiving instructions on how to return the modem, box, dimensions, canada post..

I dropped my parcel on NOV 15. Shipped on NOV 18 (QC, Boucherville) as per canada post tracking tool.

Though, fizz is sending me emails stating that they didn't receive my modem. first communication was basically a " threat " like " We are about to charge you 225$.."

Been in contact with one of your online agents, shared my details, my issue and was told that my case was escalated and normally I would be cleared asap.

Today, another email, another threat and lots of "overdue, you were required to, this is your last reminder " and here I am. I am sick. then angry.

I have 3 questions:

1- What do you want ?

2- Please tell me what to do to clear this case.

3- Do you think it is normal to charge customers because somebody from fizz did not correctly do his job ?

4- What if I lost my canada post tracking number to prove I returned the modem, do you think I would be still guilty in this case ?

My worst experience EVER.

Thank you for reading me.

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    Hello AnAngryCustomer,

    I am sorry that you encounter this situation,
    I can assure you that this case was escalated to the dedicated department to verify where the modem is at this moment. 
    Furthermore, in case you are charged, as soon as we get the answer that the modem is in our possession, we will create a ticket so the information is corrected and your get refunded for the amount charged.  
    The system is automatic and the notifications are sent automatically.
    After you send the modem back to us, it is not your fault in any case that the modem was not received yet by us. As soon as we have the confirmation that the modem is with us, you will be refunded in case it takes too long for them to find it.
    I count on your kind understanding and patience!
    Have a good day!


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    Not this is not normal

    you should probably contact again the support, and also contact your credit card institution

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    Same issue here. AND, had same issue last year with Videotron

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    Unfortunately, it seems to be taking them 4 to 5 weeks to process incoming modems (from other messages I have seen). It is definately long.

    Make sure you keep your tracking number as proof. However from other messages I have seen, even if they charge you now (I know it is not ideal), they will refund you as soon as they process your modem.

    I think considering the lack of manpower to process these modems, they should increase the grace period they give prior to sending out those notices and charging customers,

    Unortunately, here we are all just end users like yourself. The best option is to try to contact Fizz directly.

    Fizz customer service is available only online. You can contact a customer service agent.

    • Sign into your account
    • Follow the link on this page: or
    • Wait 3 seconds for the green bubble with a '?' appears at the bottom right of the browser, if you use a phone you must use it in desktop or horizontal mode
    • Choose the option 💬 chat
    • If the green bubble does not appear make sure your ad blocker is disabled, otherwise try with another browser.

    PS: For me the only combination that works for CHAT, is Firefox, in a private window, and only when in the French language..

    Other means of contact

    CHAT however is the quickest method, but facebook is the easiest.

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