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I returned a phone that was defective out of the box which was delivered to the Boucherville facility on November 25 according to Canada Post. Meaning it has been 12 business days since the phone was delivered, yet my return history in the Fizz website doesn’t show that the phone was delivered. I already contacted customer support on December 2 about this and they told me that I should get an update soon. However, a week later, I still have not received an update. How much longer is it going to take to finalize the evaluation/inspection and for me to get my refund? Can anything be done to speed up the process?

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    Hello k2021,

    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    It seems there was an issue with the phone return order and it was canceled. 
    Please reach our support team to investigate this further:

    Have a lovely day,


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    Unfortunately, on these forums we are all just users like you and no access to your account. Nowadays things are backed up everywhere. It is not uncommon for returns of items to take up to 4 weeks to get processed. I know it is far from ideal, but it is not just fizz, I am seeing in at many places with the lack of manpower. And with the holidays around the corner, I think it might even get worse.

    If the issues drags on longer, then the only other thing you can do is contact customer service again and see if you can escalate your ticket.

    Good luck

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