do payments stop automatically if I transfer the Fizz number to another provider?


Hello, I was wondering: if I decide (ever) to move to another provider:

1) do I have to transfer my phone number from Fizz by myself, or the new provider takes care of this?

2) do the auto-payments with Fizz stop right away?


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  • Emporium
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    1> When you make a request to your new provider to move, they contact Fizz and Fizz sends you a text message to authorize the release of your number to the new provider.

    2> As soon as the number is ported, the auto-payments should stop. But it doesn't hurt to check and make sure a payment option is not attached to the old plan (if it is still under your acccount).

    NOTE: Your line needs to be ACTIVE when you make the port request to another provider. InActive lines can't be transfered.

  • Doomdrou
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    When you sign a contract with a new provider, they will ask you if you want to transfer your number. There is a whole system where you need to give your current account number and your current provider to validate the transfer. Once this is done, Fizz will send you a text message to port your number to your new provider.

    If you transfer your number to another provider, this automatically ends your Fizz contract, meaning that payments will stop.


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