I need to be credited for my account

I wasn’t able to make a phone call for 2 weeks after i did my paiement & i wasn’t able to heard my voice mails.

After 2 weeks that i got my line back i lost 4 messages & i receive one & i cannot listen to it.

I’m claimed a credit for the time i couldn’t used my phone .

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  • Whizz
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    Hello Sandra_412, 

    So sorry for the inconvenience you're experiencing right now. 

    After checking your account I see that you've been able to reach out to our assistance team ans a ticket has been escalated towards tour network engineers. 

    I assure you that our team will do its best to bring you an answer as soon as possible.

    You can follow the progress of this case, in your Fizz account, either directly in the "Overview" section, or in the "My Settings" - "My tickets" section.

    I really thank you for your understanding.

    Have an excellent day,
    -Claude :) 


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