How can i cancel a phone order that hasn't been processed yet ?

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I tought that there was a plan included at purchasse of a phone . Unfortunatly it's not the case

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    Hello @Bijou,

    Thank you for your question,

    You can cancel the phone order only in the first 30 minutes after you placed the order. After that, you will have to receive the phone and then send it back in the 15-day return policy.

    All you will have to do after that is log into your account my phones>Manage> my phone warranty> return policy and follow the on-screen steps.

    More details can be found on this FAQ:

    Also, you can create a plan after you order a sim card if you want to.

    To buy a sim card, log into your Fizz account> overview> get started> mobile> order a new one.

    After that, just activate the sim card and create your plan.😊

    More details here:

    Thank you for your understanding!

    Have a good day!



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    Hi Bijou,

    Here's how to reach customer service:

    There are several ways to reach Fizz, but here is the fastest and available 24 hours a day:

    If you have an ad blocker, it should be disabled if possible. Otherwise in some cases the chat will not appear.

    First step:

    Make sure you are logged into your Fizz account.

    Second step :

    Go to any help page or here:

    Third step :

    Go to the bottom of the page, you will see a green bubble with a ? on the right. Click on it and choose 💬 Chat.

    If the bubble doesn’t appear, either there are too many people waiting or it’s blocked by an ad blocker.

    There are also other ways to get in touch with customer service but it takes a bit longer.

    - By Facebook Messenger:

    - By direct messaging on Twitter:

    - Via the WhatsApp application: (438) 393-5814


  • I believe you will have to reach out to Fizz customer service

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