Is anyone else having trouble with the internet

I lost my internet, now going on 3 days, I keep getting told there is work in the area, however 3 days is hard to accept. If I am not alone I would like to know. Thanks


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    Don't know where you are located, but In Ahuntsic area, I don't have any issues.

    You can maybe check out this site and see if there are any issues reported on the videtron network in your area.

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    Hello Peter F. #38444,

    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    I just verified again and at the moment your service is still affected by the maintenance work.
    We do not have an estimated time mentioned but I can assure you our technicians are doing everything they can to have the service restored as soon as possible.
    I apologize again for the unpleasant situation. 

    Have a lovely day,

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    Sometimes i have problems, try to restarting

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