Will I lose my $75 referral bonus if I change my plan?

So I signed up for 60/10 internet plan for $50. Used a referral code and the $75 will be applied in the next payment cycle (3rd payment). 

Now on my account, I see the same 60/10 plan offered for $45. If I change now, it won't take effect until next payment cycle. But I'm not sure if I'll be 'losing' the $75 credit? Anyone have any idea?


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    I do not think you will lose the credit, since your account will remain active just on a "different" plan.

    However just to be 100% sure, I do recommend you contact a customer service agent to confirm. At least this way, if there is a system glitch, you can have the proof from Fizz themselves saying yes or no, and if mistake is made they can manually adjust.


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    as I already told you on your first post, no you will not lose your referral credit if you change plans, so don’t worry.

  • You will keep it!

  • MyriamC
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    don't worry, you will not loose your referal amount

  • thanks everyone! :)

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    you will keep it!

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