My account won’t activate even though I transferred the number, why ?

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I transferred my number on fizz last night but the plan is still inactive

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    Hello Ted 
    Thank you for reaching out,

    I have verified your account and the transfer request was not confirmed in the 90 minutes.

    I kindly advise you to contact us in private and provide us with the account number from your previous provider and with the IMEI, to retry the number transfer.

    To find your IMEI, please dial *#06#
    And the account number can be found on the last bill with the previous provider.

    You can also retry the number transfer from your side, by logging into your account > click on the notification bell icon> then choose a new number> click on transfer a number and follow the steps from there.
    Check this FAQ:

    I count on your kind understanding!
    Have a good day!


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