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I'm currently in USA, calls and text work, but data DOES NOT WORK. Roaming is turned on. ATT is the roaming provider.

This seems to be a trend with FIZZ outside of it's Quebec/Ottawa local coverage. FIZZ EXT is always problematic even when going down 401 corridor.

HELP? they don't post the hours when tech support is working... just keep checking back... really?

And paying customers are encouraged to do their job for them.

Q: can anyone suggest a similar alternative to Fizz?

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  • Whizz
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    Hello Bruce B. #28076,

    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    Have you tried turning airplane mode On for 5 seconds and Off?
    Please make sure that your mobile data is turned On.  If it is, please try to manually connect to a different network.
    Here you can also find more troubleshooting:
    If the issue still persists please contact our support team for further investigations. 

    Have a lovely day,


  • Tien L.
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    Hello! I have the same problem in USA. My plan over USA and Canada but obly voice work and text work with AT&T. Data is not available.Helpppppp

  • RyHi
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    I have not had any issues roaming in Canada and I have been 'down the 401'. I am wondering if there is a setting on your phone that you need to adjust. Please go through the guide provided above.


  • Doomdrou
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    @Tien L.

    MAKE sure your APN settings are properly set on your phone.

    PS: Next time, you should open your own question. You should not hijack on another person's question. That way you can also flag the "best" answer once the issue is resolved.

  • Jbing1972
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    I have experienced the same problem with data in the usa last december and i tried it all , apn etc and nothing worked on my 2 lines of android phones. My son's iphone 8 worked fine... Fizz did nothing to fix this although they say they have opened a ticket lol. i am not the first and it has been going on for years , very disappointing.

    Anybody has an alternative for data in the us they could share ?


  • Clive_ref_code_73TF9

    Hello @Bruce B. #28076 and @Tien L. , I suggest:

    • check to see if you data roaming set to ON
    • if off, switch on, enable then disable airplane mode and you should have a connection
    • if not, then reboot your phone
    • check to see if you phone is set to manually or automatically connect to a network, the automatic setting is generally best
  • Emmanuel S. #36497
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    What is your phone's model? I wonder if maybe it's not compatible with all the frequencies in use (it's possible if it was made for another market)

  • NicMic
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    if we have the Canada-États-Unis plan, is there any other costs for the calls from and to the states ? Please, I need a real answer.

  • Clive_ref_code_73TF9

    Hello @NicMic, the Canada + USA plan is only for calling to the US from Canada. Traveling outside of Canada requires a travel add-on.

  • Clive_ref_code_73TF9

    Hello @NicMic, correction to my last post. According to the Fizz coverage map, the Canada + US plan allows you to travel to the US and use your Fizz phone as you would in Canada. It does not include HI, AK. Mexico requires a travel add-on. If this is wrong, the @Whizz should chime in.

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