Order confirmed with Paybright but never confirmed with FIZZ for almost 10 days until today

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10 days back , I purchased a Fizz phone through Paybright , I only have the confirmation from Paybright ,and they already deductted the first instalment from my account . I never recived confirmation from Fizz and i don't have any option to cancel the order because i never received any confirmation to cancel the order within 30 miniutes as they say. i contacted customer service and they esclate a ticket to technical team i followed up with them and they told me that they can't tell me with time limit to solve the problem . I asked them to Cancel the order since i was not aware of their technical problems and their ability to mangae the situation but until today there is no updates and this seem to be forever. any one have this frusturated experience with them and after how long time the problem was solved. because it seem that the customer service have no contact with their team, and how to esclate the problem to higher level .

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    Hello Ahmed N. 82108,
    Thank you for the provided details, I am sorry to hear about the situation you encountered. 

    I verified your Fizz account and observed that the situation is still being investigated by the specialized department. 

    I case you need more details, we advise you to contact us in private, onthe desired contact channel, so we can do the necessaryverifications.

    We are available for our customers27/7: https://fizz.ca/en/contact-u

    I assure you that everyone involved in helping you are doing their best to bring the most suitable solution as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your understanding and I hope you'll have a great day!
    - Cecilia


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    Try that :You are not satisfied with the proposed solutions to resolve your problem?

    Please follow every steps of this complaint procedure


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    I’m sorry to hear that. This definitely should not have happened. Since PayBright already started deducting payment, can you try reach out to them to stop this as fizz hasn’t even send you the phone yet

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