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We have been experiencing very unstable internet connection over the last few days. At the moment it is completely offline and several appliances/applications are offline at our home. Can you please advise on the status of outages in the Montreal area, specifically in Dorval.

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    Hello iuliani_anthony 

    I am sorry to hear that you encounter this situation!

    I verified your connection and I see that some signals are out of the normal parameters.
    Canyou please, verify if the coaxial cable is well screwed at both ends (maybe it moved a bit and it is disconnected there). You can try todisconnect the coaxial cable, and then reconnect it making sure it istightly screwed. Also, make sure there are no sharp bends on it.
    Afterthat, please restart your modem electrically. by disconnecting thepower cable from the back, wait for 20 seconds then plug it back in.
    You might have to restart your devices too after this. 
    Check this FAQ for more details:

    If these manipulations did not help, please contact us in private to help you further.

    I count on your kind understanding and cooperation!
    Have a nice day!


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    Hi, here in Montreal, RDP, there is now issue. Good luck

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