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When travelling in the US on the Canada/US plan, has it been anyone's experience that one's data gets used up faster per hour than while in Canada?

I have 3 gigs which is plenty for home but I'm deciding whether or not to bump it to 9 gigs for our trip.

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    Hello @Fizzdaddy

    Thank you for your question.

    To answer your question, your data will not be consumed faster in the USA or slower. It will be consumed at the same rate it is consumed in Canada. It really depends on the quality of the videos you are watching for a 10-minute video. If you are playing it for example in 720p and then 1080p, your data will be depleted much faster when you use 1080p because the video quality needs more data to load every detail.

    Furthermore, your data can be used in the background by applications that have those permissions.

    More details can be found here:

    Thank you for your understanding!

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    You can also turn off your mobile data and only turn it on when you really need it. Be careful that some applications are using data in the background so even when you are not really using them. You can limit these applications to use mobile data in the background, that does help too

  • Thanks. I do all those things typically and use Wi-Fi wherever it's available but I was just wondering if anyone had the experience that their data was being used more quickly in the States for the same purpose.

    In other words, watching a 10 minute video might use 50 megabytes. Would it use the same amount in the States?

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