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I haave an open tichet #131506

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    Here are the steps to update a payment method, and associate it to your plans:

    1. In your Fizz account, go to My Profile
    2. Click on Payment methods.
    3. Click on Add a new payment method to add your new payment method.
    4. Now make your way to My plans.
    5. For each of your plans, click on Manage plan/Payment method, and associate your new payment method.
    6. Then, select the payment method you no longer want to us, and click on Delete.

    Steps 5 and 6 are crucial since the association of your new payment method to your plans is not done automatically.

        Having difficulties, and you reached the maximum number of attempts? 

    If a message informing you that you have reached the maximum number of attempts pops up, contact our Customer Service team: log into your Fizz account and simply click on the chat bubble located in the lower right-hand corner during our business hours.


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    Hello Normand G. #19974,

    Thank you for reaching us.
    I can see the ticket you mentioned and that our last reply on it invited you to join us via live chat for further investigations.
    You can reach us via chat from most of our FAQs, like this one for example
    Please allow a few moments for the green bubble to appears in the bottom right-hand corner and from there select the chat option. 

    Have a lovely day,

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