My internet connection is disconnecting everyday

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Everyday, my internet is down at the same time everyday! 1:30pm to 2pm. Im resetting my modem everyday at the same time. My cables are good and brandnew.

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    Hello Raymund,

    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    I have verified your connection and I can see the modem is only partially online and some of the signals are not within normal values.
    Please try testing the modem using a different electrical outlet (avoid using extenders and surge protectors).
    Also, please make sure the coaxial cable is well connected and not damaged in any way. 
    Here you can also find more troubleshooting you can try: 
    If the issue still persists, please try contacting our support team. 

    Have a lovely day,


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    Hi Raymund

    You can try a factory reset of your modem, thus resetting the modem to factory conditions, by pressing and holding in the small button on the back of the box with a paper clip for 10+ seconds. Then wait 3-4 minutes before trying. You will have to re-enter the codes shown on the modem initially.

    If the problem continues, you can contact Fizz customer service by opening this link: and simply scroll down until you see the green bubble, then click on it to start your chat session with Fizz customer service.

    Fizz can run a check on the line, and if there are problems with the line signal, send a technician to investigate as needed.

    You can also do it on Facebook:

    -By private message on Twitter :

    -Whatsapp : (438) 393-5814

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