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Hi All,

I would need some help. My phone has not been able to find FIZZ since this morning, but it shows: "no service"; however, I have an active FIZZ mobile subscription. I have already tried to turn my phone on and off, reinserted the SIM card to no avail.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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  • Emporium
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    If you get a new SIM, you can go to My plans > Manage Change SIM card

    This will ensure that your account/number will be transfered to this new SIM card.

    For WhatsApp Fizz support, you can use (438) 393-5814 to connect to them, but it is messaging only, no talk.

    Using the CHAT bubble if you can is the quickest way to chat with Fizz support, and it is the closes thing to Live:

    • Sign into your account
    • Follow the link on this page:
    • Wait 3 seconds for the green bubble with a '?' appears at the bottom right of the browser, if you use a phone you must use it in desktop or horizontal mode
    • Choose the option ? chat
    • If the green bubble does not appear make sure your ad blocker is disabled, otherwise try with another browser.


  • PF_Ref_D2U9A
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    Hi StHenri

    Check your Fizz account to make sure your plan is active and payments are up-to-date.

    You can also try swapping and testing the SIM card with another phone.

    If the problem continues, you can contact Fizz customer service by opening this link: and simply scroll down until you see the green bubble, then click on it to start your chat session with Fizz customer service.

    They will surely be able to help you.

    You can also do it on Facebook:

    -By private message on Twitter :

    -Whatsapp : (438) 393-5814

  • StHenri
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    I already tried testing the SIM card with another phone and the issue still prevails, my plan is active.

  • PF_Ref_D2U9A
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    Contact Fizz customer service so they can check your account status at their end.

    It is possible your SIM card is not working. If you need a replacement SIM, you can pick one up at a participating Couche Tard.

  • StHenri
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    Thank you!

    Do they have any number to call or I can connect them via Whatsup? If I replace the recent SIM, my number will be the same, won't it?

  • PF_Ref_D2U9A
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    We can't reach Fizz by phone. They have Whatsapp : (438) 393-5814

    I mentioned some other ways you can contact Fizz - see my first reply.

    If you need to replace your SIM card, don't activate a new plan.

    You can follow the guide from Fizz -

    Once you have your new SIM card, you’ll have to replace and delete your old SIM card that’s associated with your plan, and activate the new one. Replace my SIM card ((My plans > Manage > Change SIM card).

  • StHenri
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    Your help is much appreciated!

    Meanwhile, I am in contact with Fizz on Whatsapp requesting a replacement.

    Best wishes!

  • StHenri
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    This is just ridiculous that FIZZ has not been able to fix the problem since yesterday morning and has not send a replacement SIM.

  • Whizz
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    Hello StHenri,

    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    You mentioned that you contacted our support team on WhatsApp but I can not see any messages from your side. 
    I would recommend following the instructions our members provided to contact our support team again and provide them more details to investigate this further. 
    Rest assured, a solution will be provided as soon as possible.  

    Have a lovely day,

  • StHenri
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    I just try to help my partner' to fix this issue. He already opened a ticket and chatted with FIZZ representatives on Whatsapp many times. He is working home office, so it is me who is trying to handle this situation. His ticket number: 130638

  • StHenri
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    Thank God, I and my partner could get rid of FIZZ. Never again. I will waste no time sharing my opinion on different platforms. Also, complained about FIZZ to the CRTC.

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