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Hello. Wish I could speak to someone one the phone to process y payment to my vanilla prepaid card. I have funds but can’t go trough the process

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    Hello FoxMtl87 

    Thank you for reaching out regarding this situation!

    The Vanilla prepaid cards are accepted, however, you will not be able to use them for recurring payments ( paying for your monthly plan for example). You can use them for one-time payments such as buying an add-on or a SIM card. 
    For your monthly plan, you will have to use a credit/debit card that accepts recurring payments.
    Check this FAQ for more details:
    Also, I see that you managed to contact us in private to solve this matter.

    I count on your kind understanding!
    Have a lovely day!


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    Hi You can not speak to anybody at Fizz by phone but you can chat with them. Go on any FAQ and at the end, you will see a green ?, Click on it and you will chat with somebidy from Fizz.

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    As already mentioned, Fizz doesn’t offer phone support. It’s 100% online.

    Fizz only accepts Credit and Debit cards. Now I am not familiar with Vanilla but if it is similar to KOHO it should work. In either case, make sure the address matches exactly.

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