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Hi, does anyone know if the phone sold from fizz has been activated or slightly used before by other users? The phone I bought from fizz has a weird warranty limit which is in June 2022 instead of Sept 2022, and there is no 90 days support under setting-->about. Usually there should be 90 days support and one year warranty limit. I hope it's not been used or got returned to fizz before selling to me

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    Hi Luckyy

    Fizz sells both new and used (preloved) phones. Do you know which one you bought?

    To know more about the warranty offered for your Fizz phone, you can contact Fizz customer service by opening this link: and simply scroll down until you see the green bubble, then click on it to start your chat session with Fizz customer service.

    They will surely be able to help you.

    You can also do it on Facebook:

    -By private message on Twitter :

    -Whatsapp : (438) 393-5814


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    Hi @Luckyy

    Was the phone opened ? Was it missing any screen protection films or packaging ?

    As I mentioned in your previous question (for exact same issue), phones can often sit on a shelf for months before being sold (especially popular models which they buy in bulk). So what factory warranties are, vs what warranty they honor if you have a proof of purchase at a later date, are 2 different things.

    If you still have concerns, I strongly recommend you just reach out to fizz directly

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    Thank you. I bought it new and the package is fully intact. I bought the same phone last week but its rear cover has glue leaked on the side, I returned it then bought this one.

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    Then your warranty should begin the day you receive your phone if this is a brand new one, Anyway, in Québec, there is also a consumer law that states that a product should work for a minimum of time. So even 1 year warranty is not enough regarding that law. A new phone should last more than 1 year...

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