Moving out of Canada wanted to keep phone number

Hi,im moving out of Canada and wanted to keep my phone number that Ive had for 10+ years.I will be coming back in 2-3 years. certain companies have fees that we can pay to keep our phone number and wanted to see if Fizz offered the same deal

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    Hi @KD16

    I don't think Fizz offers that. You would have to get one of the lowest plans to keep it active.

    However what you can possibly do, is port your number to one of the cheaper VoIP providers.

    Something like is an good option. They are very well respected (even though their servers are being hammered by DDOS attackes today), and you can get something for as low as USD$0.85/m, and I think they now have free porting-in on numbers from other providers.

    When you get back, you can always then port/transfer your number back to Fizz and apply it to a cell phone plan.

    Hope this helps.


  • LouisB
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    You could tranfer the number to a VoIP company (like, which is unfortunately targeted by a DDoS attack since last week but they are taking over). In 2-3 year when you come back, you will have to transfer your number first to another cell provider and then to Fizz since Fizz does not accept for now transfers from landline or voip numbers.

    The fee is about 10$ to transfer the number, plus about 1$/month to keep the number.

    If you want to transfer your calls to the country where you move, it would be easy to do so. You will have e per-minute fee to pay for the inccoming call, plus a per-minute fee for the transfer to the international number.

    Hope this helps !

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    Hello KD16,

    Thank you for reaching us.
    I am sorry, Fizz doesn't offer that option as we are a prepaid service.  
    If you wish to keep the phone number, you could try downgrading the plan to the minimum (just Quebec coverage) and pay each month for this.
    The other option would be as our members suggested, making a port out now and a port in back to Fizz when you return. Have a lovely day, -Alex 

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    Transfer your number to Fongo which is an app using wifi or mobile data..

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