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Hi everyone,

I'm probably going to be cancelling with fizz because I'm constantly missing incoming calls and there is no resolution to fix it. Today I missed an emergency call from my son's daycare which is a nightmare. I've been with fizz for about 45 days and the problem has existed since day 1 or 2. I've tried to resolve it twice. But since I can't ever know when I dont receive a call (unless the person reaches me another way) I don't feel safe with fizz.

My questions are:

What happens to my phone?

As in, can I unlock it to use with another provider?

Do I have to pay any fees for transferring to another provider so quickly?

I'm using paybright. I have an LG g5 velvet.

Also, any suggestions on more reliable providers? I'm all ears!


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    Hello JackieG 

    I am really sorry to hear that you encountered this situation!
    After I investigated the account, I see that the issue is being taken care of by our technical team and it is being solved in priority. 

    I totally understand your dissatisfaction and I can assure you that our first priority is to make sure you are receiving the best service and we will solve the issue encountered as soon as possible.
    Regarding your question, about what happens with the phone, as it is bought with PayBright, if you cancel the plan, you will pay the installments as usual.
    Check this FAQ for more details:

    As for the number transfer, you will not have to pay anything to Fizz. You can unsubscribe at any time. 
    More on this can be found here:

    I count on your kind understanding and patience until this is resolved!
    Have a lovely day!


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    Hi JackieG

    Before switching to another provider, you should try changing the network setting on your LG Velvet phone.

    Since Fizz does not offer 5G network, you should change the network setting to "4G/3G" only. Others have reported much improved reliable phone service after making this change.

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