Internet not working


I returned from work to only find that my home Internet is not working. I have already reset the modem, but still offline. I live in the NDG are in Montreal.

Can you look into this?

Thank you

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    Hello 2slee88 

    I am sorry to hear that you encountered this situation!

    I verified your account after contacting the specialized department, they fixed the situation.
    Canyou please, electrically restart your modem, by disconnecting thepower cord from the back, wait for 30 seconds and then plug it backin?
    Youmight have to restart your devices connected to the wifi and with theethernet cable too.
    If you can't use your services after this, please contact us in private via chat or on social media and we will look into this further. 
    Check this FAQ for more manipulations you can try:
    I count on your kind understanding and patience!
    Have a lovely day!