I entered my mailvoice NIP and I can't listen to my messages now

The first time I tried listening to my messages, fizz asked me to create a NIP. So I did. It kind of bugged since it told me the NIP wasn't the good one. After, I tried again to listen to my messages, I entered the same NIP and had the voice tell me my NIP wasn't the good one.

I have important messages to listen to and I can't... can someone help me please?

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    Hi Maude

    You can reset your PIN.

    To change your PIN Under: My Plans → Manage My Plan → Advanced Settings → PIN to Access Your Voicemail.

    IMPORTANT: Unsafe combinations such as 1234 or 8888 will be rejected.

    Source: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-can-I-access-and-use-my-voicemail


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