Holiday disaster - as far as the mobile phone was concerned

A repeated experience: I go on a holiday to Switzerland, top up my "phone wallet" and buy add-ons, and my phone lets me down COMPLETELY. Not once was I able to go online, but the money was used up for updates or God knows what! Very inconvenient, especially at the airport where you need to show vaccination proofs and so forth, and the free airport WIFI connection is bad... Thank God I had print outs... Also the battery went down quicker than ever during my stay abroad...

Anyone to share the experience or give advice? Because FIZZ couldn't when I contacted via facebook chat; they repeatedly sent me the link to buy more travel add-ons...


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    When travelling abroad, you have to enable roaming. If your phone does not connect to a network at first attempt, you can try restarting your phone and also connecting manually to another network.

    Which phone are you using? Make sure it is compatible with the local networks of your travel destination.

    Have you checked the status of your "phone wallet" on your Fizz account? My understanding is that it's supposed to show the balance and usage history of your funds.

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    Hello Christoph,

    I am sorry for the situation encountered.
    Can you please contact us in private in order to make further manipulations, in order to help you further?
    Here you can find the ways to reach us:

    Have a great day!