any tips:))

Elyse Z.
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i just started college this week, i really dont like it. i feel really alone. does anyone has tips for me to make it more fun or just make friends. i am desperate, as to why im on here asking for advices:\\


  • Clara P. #26087
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    Hey!! Your comment made my heart clench because I also felt like that when I started 4 years ago.

    If you are going to class in person, I suggest checking the clubs and groups in your uni, like Emporium said, and join one (or more!) that interests you. That way you can meet more people that like the same things as you do!

    Another thing you could do is check Facebook for groups from your uni! Mine has a bunch and there's always people asking if others want to meet up for activities :) Or you can also look for local groups that do things you're interested in! I'm in a few hiking groups, for example, and they organize weekly meetups for people who want to go walk in the woods!

    This one's weird, but dating apps can also help with socializing! I think some allow you to state that you only want to meet people to make friends, or you can simply specify it in your bio.

    The most important thing is to try to stay calm, and to trust that this feeling of loneliness will pass eventually <3

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    Hey! Love your question!! If you decide to join a club good for you, but if you don't remember that every day their might be oportunities to meet people. Sometimes just saying Hi to the person next to you in class or complaining about the teachers voice can be the start of a friendship. Ive always been ackward and struggle to talk to people so my advice would be that remember that if you sound ackward or say something stupid one day its not the end of the world...Forgive yourself and forget it and start again another day. 😉

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    College is a tough challenge to fully adapt to, it takes time. Try and make some friends by joining clubs or after school activities, you're bound to find some cool people. Classmates can also become good friends if you're placed in a group project together, college is a really fun time in people's lives and if you use your tools correctly you can enjoy yourself plenty in no time!

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    I went to a English university in Montreal and it’s bilingual but mostly people speaking French, I felt so alone - my university’s main themes are study therapy and sex. Seriously, didn’t sign up for any clubs or made too many friends, didn’t even party. But I now work for one of the biggest consulting firm in the world. I think university is an experience where you have to make of it, if you don’t step out people most likely won’t talk to you and honestly don’t sweat it, it’s not the end of the world if it’s a bad experience cross it off as 4 years of our life and move on!

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    I do hope that you can have a set of eyes that can identify people that are like you so you don’t need to jump all the hoops to discover that the people you admire or have crush on have too different values and beliefs. Learned it the hard way

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    But all that’s to say is that it will get better, I think stats suggest people in adolescents are most likely to be depressed or feel lonely absolutely no idea why but that’s just how it is

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    Especially with the pandemic and the new normal as they call it the world won’t be clustered in big cities anymore people are becoming smarter and want their fair share in the pie, so yeah life can get quite lonely if we just all stay at home but As I’m writing to you through this 6.5 inch screen I hope you’re doing better and it does get better

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    sending you my support

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    Get in an optional class that you find interesti g and you'll be with people with similar interests and just try to make friends from there

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    Gotta say that I am having the same struggle currently

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    Having been in college for a long time, I would tell you to be sure you like what you are doing. Many people go to university without any plan and when they ask themselves if they really like what they are doing, many would say “no”.

    I am not saying this is your case, but university is tough and you tend to be more alone than you think. It is a moment most of us went and passed through. Do things you like. Your mind should not always be on college, it will help you pass through.

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    Check the local clubs at your college. Find one that suits your interests and you may meet like-minded folks. Hang in there!

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    Look if there are any public meetups around you! is a good way to meet people with similar interests and there are a bunch of them all over the world. It's worth a shot and there's no reason to be intimidated as everyone going to these meetups is in the same situation- everyone's there to meet new friends!

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    Thank you!

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    It's been a while, how are you doing now ?

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    How are you!?

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    I would suggest you to just think of what you like, such as a sport, a hobby or any activity really. Use that as an incentive to do something which is gonna lead you to meet new people. That's gonna help a lot!