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Trying to change my payment method to my MasterCard

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    @Debbie R.

    Hi Debby,

    there are the steps to update a payment method, and associate it to your plans:

    1. In your Fizz account, go to My Profile
    2. Click on Payment methods.
    3. Click on Add a new payment method to add your new payment method.
    4. Now make your way to My plans.
    5. For each of your plans, click on Manage plan/Payment method, and associate your new payment method.
    6. Then, select the payment method you no longer want to us, and click on Delete.

    Steps 5 and 6 are crucial since the association of your new payment method to your plans is not done automatically.



  • I tried adding my new payment method and it wouldn’t accept it, kept saying there were errors

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    @Debbie R.

    When you enter the information for your payment method, the billing address associated to your card must correspond to the address you declared to your bank for that card. The right info must be entered in the corresponding fields, and the address needs to be 100% identical.

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    I everything has been entered correctly, please reach out to Fizz support (My settings->Contact Forms -> Green Chat Bubble). They can manually verify the payment and forward it to their financial department if necessary.

    Should you be using a foreign Credit Card, be aware that not all of them are accepted.

  • Whizz
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    Hello Debbie R.,

    I  am sorry to hear about this situation.
     I can see that you already contacted our support team and they are waiting for your reply.
    Please make sure to answer so that we can provide a solution as soon a possible. 

    Have a lovely day,

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